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Ratchetpiece Theater AKA Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap In Case You Missed It




So we aren’t going to go into a long drawn out synopsis of this week’s episode of  Ratchetpiece Theater AKA Love Hip Atlanta because who has time rehash this Mona manufactured soap opera. We will just touch on the key points. Welp! Let’s get started

  • Ice Age AKA Nikko informs Mimi that he told Steven Jordan AKA Stevie J about the Vivid porno deal, of course Mimi pretends to be upset, and gets out of her “OWN” car in a huff(Mimi we don’t believe you, you need more people!) *side-eye*
  • Needy ass Lil Scrappy goes to visit Erica Pinkett, and he continues to speak COONese, basically he wants to or has smashed this girl while still smashing bike riding Bambi
  • Bambi is preggos
  • Steven Jordan and Jose AKA Joseline discuss Mimi’s porno, and Jose has the nerve to throw stones at Mimi, and he is a stones throw from the strip club himself! Sir please help me get these folding chair out of the garage so you can have several seats!
  • Hunch Back of Notre Dame AKA Benzino shows up to dinner at the Jordan’s with some random, that he met off Twitter. Is this what it has come to Zino. During dinner Zino and Stevie J decide to open Sleezy and Zine Bar *yawn*
  • Prehistoric Vagina AKA Karlie Red is having trust issues in her “relationship” with Yung Joc, and she seeks comfort and voice lessons from Jeremih( can someone explain these voice lessons to us?)
  • Kirk is having a midlife crisis and still in question about the paternity of Baby Carter. To no one’s surprise the baby is his, as if we had any doubt!(fuck boy)
  • Rasheeda is trying get her body back and get back in the studio, Kirk is against it because he is having a midlife crisis and is at odds with Sheeda’s Mama
  • Erica is dating O’Shea “The Model”(his hat said so) and he apparently doesn’t have the funds to pay for refreshments at the bowling alley because he is in-between Instagram photo shoots. He asks Erica for “HER” debit card to pay the tab *side-eye* and get this, she hands it over like this is commonplace.

We covered most of the important points from the episode. This season is very scripted, even more-so than the previous seasons. It’s bad church Easter program acting. We know we should not be watching this show as we are losing valuable brain cells with every minute, but it is entertaining. Tune in for next weeks episode and recap.

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