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R&B Divas Atlanta Season 2 Finale Recap(The Royal Rumble)



Tonight was the R&B Divas Atlanta’s Season Finale

The Divas were in rare form tonight. So much went on in this episode!

Here are a few highlights:

✔ Nicci is furious with Angie Stone for accusing her of having a fake charity.

✔Monifah’s longtime girlfriend proposed to her( very touching moment)

✔Nicci puts on a tacky last minute charity/Brownstone Reunion concert(sound system was horrible and Brownstone sounded a hot mess)

Now the shit hit the fan at KeKe’s surprise birthday dinner. Everything was going great until KeKe addressed Auntie Angie about the whole fake charity/Nicci issue. Auntie Angie looked KeKe dead in her face and asked her “What are you going to do about it?” to which KeKe responded “We can take this outside, if it gotta be like that!”(RATCHET!)This is when all hell broke loose. LaTocha goes at KeKe (really don’t know why, I think she just wanted to make herself relevant and try to solidify her spot on next season).

Auntie Angie storms out, and then Nicci and Syleena get into a nasty verbal exchange. I think Syleena forgot she was in ATL because she gave Nicci a good ole Chi Town Cabrini Green Project cussing out! She called her everything but a child of God, she even went in on Nicci gums(I lost it at this point). Poor Monifah didn’t even get to share her good news about her engagement.

I think it’s safe to say there will not be a R&B Divas tour. I take my hat off
to Faith Evans whom I affectionately call Shaunie O’Neal squared because she pimped these ladies all the way to the bank, and got the f*ck outta dodge!

Part 1 of the Reunion Show airs next Thursday @ 10 pm EST on TV One, and from the looks of the clips it’s going to be good!

One last thing, Nicci Gilbert-Daniels it’s a damn shame that your antics this season and last season have caused viewers to start a petition to kick you off a show that you executive produce.

Tune in next Thursday @10 PM EST for Part 1 of the Reunion Show on TV One

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  1. I’ll just say this… I’m a Syleena Johnson STAN now… That was an ole school “draw an imaginary line on the ground and dare you to cross it” cuss out…

    Favorite lines: “I’m very, very calm bitch” and “there’s a special place in hell for a butch like you”…

    Those moments caused me to pause, rewind and repeat!!!


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