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R&B Divas New York Allegedly On The Way



With the success of R&B Divas Atlanta and LA, a new installment based in New York is allegedly in the works.

There are whispers that Miss Jones(singer and radio personality),Cassandra Lucas(Changing Faces),Pamela Long(Total),N’Dea Davenport(The Brand New Heavies), Truth Hurts, and Vivian Green will be on the cast. I am hoping this list is tentative because some of these ladies don’t strike me as having Diva status.

The only names that jump out at me are Miss Jones and Pam and even these two don’t qualify for Diva status, I am thinking along the lines of the drama that may ensue, Jones is known to be dramatic from her days in radio.

We shall see if this cast list stays the same or changes.

Do you want to see R&B Divas New York?



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