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Reginae Carter: Spoiled Brat? Or Just Defending Her Parents?


Kinfolks! So if you didn’t know already I am reality show addict. My newest addiction is Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta(GUHHATL) on WeTv. The shows features Shad Moss(Lil Bow Wow),Zonique Pullins(T.I. and Tiny),Shaniah Mauldin(Jermaine Dupri), Ayana Fite(DJ Hurricane), Brandon Barnes(Debra Antney), and Reginae Carter(Lil Wayne & #paperbacktoya).

I see it for most  of the cast, but Reginae Carter rubbed me the wrong way with her antics. Reginae has a history of inserting herself into drama that really shouldn’t be her concern prime example, the T.I. vs Lil Wayne beef over Black Lives Matter. On episode 2 of GUHHATL she gets into a verbal spar with Auntie Debra Antney’s son Brandon Barnes.


Brandon is 26 years old, and Reginae is only 18, but she started with Brandon. She said what she wanted to say, and Brandon responded back. When she didn’t like how Brandon responded she ran to call her mom, in true spoiled brat fashion. I will say Brandon went too far with the Lil Wayne comments, but hey when you come for someone, you have to be ready for how they respond. Running to #paperbacktoya is not the answer. Reginae’s mouth is far too smart to be so sensitive, and she is far too grown for her age.

Reginae’s most recent episode of inserting herself in business that does not concern her occurred yesterday. If you didn’t know already Tamar Braxton and Tiny “Tameka” Harris have been beefing. Yesterday Tamar got on Instagram and posted and apology/olive branch to Tiny

FullSizeRender 2

The apology was nice/nasty and somehow #paperbacktoya was brought into the apology/shade. Ultimately Tiny accepted the apology in her own Instagram post, but you know Reginae had to insert herself into the drama and posted the following on Instagram

FullSizeRender 3

This beef had absolutely nothing to do with Reginae, but she again inserted herself into the drama. It was up to #paperbacktoya to respond Tamar’s shady comments, which she did

FullSizeRender 4

Now I am all for sticking up for your parents, but this is completely out of hand! She reminds me of one those children whose parents allowed them to join in on adult conversations when they should have been outside playing with the other kids. She strikes me as a spoiled and entitled brat, with way too much mouth! I am a firm believer in the saying,”Don’t dish it, if you can’t take it!”

I am going to see what the rest of this season GUHHATL brings, and see if my opinion of Reginae changes(highly doubt it).

Whut say you?




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  1. I agree with EVERYTHING you feel and said. Further, although Toya has not figured out that she needs to reign in her child, she is right on the mark with Tamar in EVERYTHING she said!!!

    • Thanks for your comment can’t say I agree about Tamar because I don’t know the other side of story. Judging from her child’s behavior I wouldn’t doubt that she played some part in the drama. Reginae learned that behavior from her mom.

  2. Regina is a spoiled brat. She obviously never been disciplined and she is disrespectful. Mom and Dad won’t always be there to fight her battles. You see Zonique is so sweet and humble. Regina never had to work for any thing either. Her Actions Shows how she was RAISED.


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