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Remy Ma Samples Classic Lil Kim Song on Highly Anticipated “Wake Me Up” 


Hey Kinfolks! The wait is finally over! Remy Ma has dropped her highly anticipated Lil Kim assisted single “Wake Me Up”

When I initially heard the announcement Lil Kim hopped on a Remy Ma song, my first thought was, this will surely be a Nicki Minaj diss. Was I correct? Partly. While Remy doesn’t mention Nicki’s name directly Helen Keller could tell this song is aimed at Nicki Minaj. While I love the sample of the Lil Kim classic song “Queen Bitch” from her classic Hardcore album, I was underwhelmed by Remy’s bars. She is capable of better. Remy stans don’t kill me but I call a thing a thing!


My only other critique and I need to pull Kimberly Denise Jones into a private conference *closes door behind us*


KIM! WTF is this half ass rapping and sing-song bullshit you’re doing! Please stop trying to do what these kids are doing and do what I know you’re capable of! As a lifetime Lil Kim fan this is bullshit! Gather together in B.I.G’s name and drive on down to Bedstuy and find a ghost writer because this ain’t going to cut for your new album!

On another note since Remy decided to grab Lil Kim, Onika *taps shoulder* I need you to drive on down to Parkslope and grab Inga aka Foxy Brown since we recruiting hip hop royalty for songs now, so I know it’s real! Wouldn’t that be dope y’all!

Whut say you?


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