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The music’s biggest night has come and gone, it was The Propofol Dark Special Edition(a snooze fest) of the Grammys, as one my friends described it. I happen to completely agree with this assessment. It was a very somber night in music to say the least. LL Cool J hosted the show, he wasn’t over the top, he was just right to host. I wasn’t a fan of the opening act, their name slips my mind. I was gathering my snacks while they were on stage. Sue me.

I won’t go into detail about each and every performance because I honestly wasn’t moved by many of them. Lets talk about what I did like in no particular order. Annie Lennox brought down the house with her performance of Take Me To Church/I Put A Spell On You with Hozier. She took us to church indeed with this stirring rendition. The songs melded well together, this was a great pairing.  Pharrell Williams recreated Happy by mixing Phantom of the Opera with Baptist Church to get a new version of the Despicable Me 2 theme song. He was assisted by Hans Zimmer(renowned film composer). I enjoyed the performance I’ll probably never get tired of Happy.

Tony Bennett and Lady GaGa gave a rousing rendition of  Cheek to Cheek, from their duets album of the same name. Lady GaGa has a chameleon like quality that allows her to transform herself, which will enable her to have a long career. I thoroughly enjoyed this performance. Their duets album was awesome! If you haven’t checked it out please do! Urrrrrrrrrsher(Usher) was given the task of honoring Stevie Wonder by singing If It’s Magic from Wonder’s classic album, Songs in the Key of Life. Now if you have read my reviews of previous awards show then you already know I have been less than impressed with Mr. Raymond’s performances. To put it simply they are lazy and uninspired, and this one was no different. He did not deliver this song in the way I needed him to. The only thing that saved it for me was when Stevie joined Usher on stage. I’m not sure who could put the stank on it that I needed, but Usher didn’t.

Rihanna performed her new single, FourFiveSeconds, which features Sir Paul McCartney and Kanye West. RiRi honestly could have delivered this song without the help of Yezzy, his part is annoying because he is not a singer. One thing that was apparent is, RiRi has had some voice lessons since I last heard her perform live, she didn’t sound half bad, but I still wouldn’t pay to see her live. It was either that or an amazing backing track. I like the song sans Kanye West,but he wasn’t going to let the song go without having some part of it. Sam Smith and Mary J. Blige performed Stay With Me. The performance was ok, MJB saved this performance because Sam Smith really doesn’t have any stage presence. I love the song, but he does nothing for me live.

Now the most controversial performance of the night was Beyoncé. Why controversial you ask? Welp! It’s being alleged that Bey stole the performance from R&B great Ledisi. A little back story, Ledisi played the late great Mahalia Jackson in the movie Selma. Ledisi sang Precious Lord, Take My Hand in the movie. So people just assumed since she sang it in the movie she would automatically sing it at Grammys. Now according to John Legend the performance was Bey’s idea, and was not originally to be included in the show, meaning Precious Lord, Take My Hand wasn’t even suppose to be performed.

“It’s not like we said let’s have ‘Precious Lord’ and let’s have Beyoncé do it,” he explained. “If Beyoncé says she wants to do a gospel intro to your song, you’re like YES”

Now, I can’t say that I disagree with John about this, but I will say that I didn’t really enjoy Bey’s version of the song. I am not a fan of Mrs. Carter singing gospel, I didn’t like it in The Fighting Temptations and I didn’t like it at the Grammys. This is from a Lifetime Diamond Member of the BeyHive. The performance wasn’t terrible, but I just was not a fan of it. I didn’t like her ensemble upon first looking at it, but when I went back and looked at stills of it, I liked it. Never let it be said that I am a stan that believes my fav can do no wrong. I have said before I don’t like Bey singing gospel and I also don’t really enjoy her acting, with the exception of Cadillac Records. Now please don’t take that mean I am taking anything away from the greatness that is Beyoncé, it’s simply me giving my opinion on isolated performances.

As I stated, I am BeyHive for life! I honestly think this whole thing has been blown out of proportion. The media made it seem as if Bey set out to sabotage Ledisi singing at the Grammys, when that wasn’t the case. If Ledisi and her team were smart they would use this increased attention to push her new Live EP, her tour, and any other projects she has on the stove. Publicity like this doesn’t come often! Capitalize on this Mama! I think when we look at the big picture, The powers that be at the Grammys knew that Bey would bring in viewership, which translates into advertising dollars. I honestly would have turned the channel had it not been for Bey, but hey that’s just me and millions of other people. I don’t think there was any shade or ill will on Beyoncé’s part. What would be the benefit for her? People enjoy blaming Bey and creating “imaginary” shadiness, but I guess anything for views and clicks huh?

The most EPIC moment of the night was the side-eye that Prince gave when he arrived on stage to present the award for Album of the Year, his side-eye pretty much summed up my thoughts on the Propofol Dark Special Edition night at the Grammys. Beck winning Album of the Year left many people scratching their heads. Now I can’t say if he deserved it or not, because I haven’t listened to his album yet. The verdict is still out on that, but House Motha Kanye West-Kardashian was not pleased! He almost did a repeat of the Taylor Swift debacle, I honestly can’t say I would have been mad if he did go up on stage and grab the mic. That’s only because I have listened to Beyoncé’s and Sam Smith’s albums and they just seemed like better choices, but hey who the hell am I?

All in all the show was gloomy and boring with all the slow songs that were performed. Recording Academy please give us some uptempo numbers next year because I was bored to tears, with the exception of the performances I mentioned above.

S/N: Madonna gave a great performance as well I almost forgot about Madge. It was Like A Prayer for 2015.

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