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Kinfolk it’s been a long time I shouldn’t left ya, but I had a lot of sh*t going on! But rest assured I am back. While I was MIA a lot of albums dropped so I need to catch up. Charlene Keys AKA Tweet dropped her fourth studio album titled Charlene. This after a six year hiatus and after listening to the album it’s safe to say that during those six years she went through some ups and downs. It’s refreshing to hear new music from her as I was first introduced to Tweet on her debut album, Southern Hummingbird, which is classic.

Charlene has 13 tracks and 3 interludes, I am going to let Tweet slide with all these tracks because it’s been 6 years, so I am HERE for it! We can make an exception to my 10-12 track rule if the music is quality, and that happens to be the case with this album. Of the 13 tracks and 3 interludes I enjoyed all of them. Won’t Hurt Me, which was the lead single was lukewarm, but Ms. Keys came back with the follow-up single Magic, which I absolutely love. Tweet smooth and sultry vocals on this song brings listeners right back to Southern Hummingbird era Tweet. Priceless hypnotized me as soon as it came on, I was instantly in love with it, she sings of being rich in love and not material things. Interlude: All I See Is You, is one of those interludes that I should have been a full song, the piano and  Tweet’s voice are comforting. Missy Elliott and Tweet reunite on Somebody Else Will, it is not Oops, but it is good to hear them together on this mid-tempo track. Addicted is my favorite, from the opening guitar interlude I was HERE for this slow tempo track. Tweet’s voice, the beat, the guitar, and the bongos create beautiful music.

Neva Shoulda Left Ya, isn’t my favorite track, but the feeling of regret after the realization of a mistake is conveyed with this song. The Hardest Thing is a very uplifting song about letting go of things that hold us back. The lyrics of this song are touching and thought provoking, I love it. Got Whatcha Want is the quintessential F*ck Boy/Girl song, Tweet sings of falling for the lies, trash, and garbage of a F*ck Boy. We have all been there and can completely relate, I loved this song. Interlude: Will You Be Here was just ok for me, it was fine as an interlude. I Didn’t Know is that song you play when you are completely done with a relationship and you have come to realization that you’ll be fine without the F*ck Boy/Girl bullshit! The lyric “I never did you wrong, but it’s over…” pretty much sums it up. This is another one of my favorites.

Dadada…..Struggle picks up right after you told that F*ck Boy/Girl that it’s over, but there is that inner struggle where one part of you wants nothing to do with them, but then the other part of you can’t fully let go. This one right her almost took me completely the f*ck out! Wow Tweet GOTDAMMIT!  I Was Created For This is an inspirational song, on which she sings about realizing God gave her the gift of song to share with the world. We all need to use the gifts God has given us, and stop letting them go to waste, I love the message of this song. Outro: I Surrender is the perfect way to close out the album Tweet surrenders to the Lord.

The six year wait was well worth it! Charlene is a testament to Tweet’s professional, personal, and emotional growth. The lyrical content of this album is out of this world. Tweet’s angelic voice, the instrumentation, and production of this album make this album truly an amazing comeback. Charlene is most definitely worth a listen, and after you listen, I am sure you will listen again. Lovers of the lyrics will fall completely in love with this album.

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