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Now y’all know I love me some Monica Brown. Her new album,Code Red, dropped on Friday after months and months of waiting. After waiting all this time I was expecting something in the vein of Still Standing, but that’s not exactly what I got with this album. 

The first single Just Right For Me featuring Lil’ Wayne was just luke warm for me, but I didn’t let that deter me. I try to listen to albums with an open mind. Upon first listening to Code Red, I had a blank stare wondering what had I just listened to? Was that it? *blank stare* Not one to make a hasty assessment I went back and listened again and I was able to find a few songs that resonated with me. Before I get into which songs I liked let me say Monica and Timbaland as much as I love and respect the both of them, I didn’t care much for the songs Timbaland psedo sang on with Mo. Now that we’ve got that out of the way let’s get to what I liked from the album.

Just Right For Me again is just luke warm for me, but I do like it. Call My Name is an updated version of Destiny Child’s Say My Name with Monica’s touch. I love this song because it’s vintage Monica, I love the harmonies and the beat. Definitely repeat worthy.

I Know, is a ballad and when I first listened to it I wasn’t a fan, but after I turned up the volume and got into Monica vocals and lyrics I determined that it’s a beautiful ballad.  Deep is a favorite of mine it’s again the Monica I have grown accustomed to, and gives me “Still Standing” Monica I really like this song. 

Alone In Your Heart is probably my favorite song off the album. Again this is vintage Monica. This one is repeat worthy and Monica talks her shit in a way only she can. This song is so ATL and I love it! The rest of the songs are fillers and honestly could have been left on the cutting room floor for other better songs. 

After waiting and waiting for this album I was underwhelmed. I was expecting something different and more cohesive. The album is kind of all over the place with the exception of the songs I named previously. I will never say anything disparaging about Monica but this album as whole didn’t connect with me. I am a die hard Monica fan so I can always find something redeeming about her albums even if I don’t like all of them as a whole. For the next album I need Monica and whatever team worked on Still Standing to reconvine because that whole album was amazing, this one not so much. 

Whut say you?


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