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Review: CrazySexyCool:The TLC Story



First let me say that Pebbles ain’t shit! $25 GOTDAMN dollars and Geo Trackers! Get the entire f*ck outta here!

Lil Mama *taps shoulder* you are forgiven for that bullshit you pulled at the awards because you embodied Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes! You need an Emmy for this performance! Drew and KeKe looked like T-Boz and Chilli, but I didn’t get that the same feeling I got from Lil Mama.

VH1 got the casting right for the girls in the group and Pebbles. As for the rest of the casting VH1 pretty much said f*ck it! Carl Anthony Payne AKA Cockroach AKA Cole as LA Reid, not believable, but a check is a check, I guess. He was probably so happy to be on a set he didn’t care lol.

Evan Ross as Dallas Austin come the f*ck on! Talk about embellishing! I need Mr. Dalvin’s twitter because they played the entire f*ck outta you homie with the young man who played you. Andre Rison that sheep/polar bear coat and pimp hat they had you in *puts head down* they don’t want you to be great LOL!

The founding member of TLC, Crystal Selene, may want to put out a APB for her edges because her edges are missing and the boys didn’t pause! That scene had me on the living room floor, and it’s a damn shame that it will be repeated forever and ever on VH1. They want the worst for you Crystal.

Now let’s talk about how Pebbles AKA Ike Turner AKA Joe Jackson is “allegedly,”a m*thafucka wit her sh*t! She had those girls in contract after contract! TLC needed a Sonya Norwood(Brandy) a Matthew Knowles(Beyoncé)or a Jonetta Patton(Usher) in their corner. The story would have came out totally different. When the girls asked her about the money she first “allegedly” gave them her ass to kiss and some Geo Trackers and said have a nice day! That wasn’t right Peri.

Pebbles mentions were in shambles last I checked. Expect her to file “dem paper” on Tionne and Ro because she was not presented in a good light in this biopic. I am a firm believer that there are three sides to the every story: her side, his side(her in this case), and the m*thafuckin truth! We will see how this all plays out on in court.

As I stated previously the standout performance in the movie goes to Lil Mama there were moments in the movie where I looked and thought it was actually Left Eye, hats off to you Mama! You did an outstanding job!

All in all the movie was good, I think all the bases were covered as far as the story goes. There was a little discrepancy with the reconciliation of the girls, but I won’t split hairs. I would really be interested to hear Pebbles side of things. I want her to explain how and why she did those girls like that? Wrong is wrong!

I like the new song that Ne-Yo penned, “Meant To Be,” it fit the movie perfectly. I am still not sure how I feel about TLC doing another album without Lisa. But I guess they have to eat. As long as they don’t go trying to replace Lisa with another member I think I could be HERE for it.

VH1 *whispers* I think a Bad Boy Records biopic and Xscape biopic would be great for future projects. I could name more, but it is late.

Oh and Lil Mama this would be great time to release some new music, you gotta hit while the fire is hot! These are just suggestions, and I’m just serious!

Oh and who the hell is this Larry person. I need answers!?!

What did you all think of the biopic?


  1. I was neither here nor there about the movie. They already had aired all their laundry on several cable shows in the past & interviews. Call me when the Destiny’s Child or New Edition movie hits the screens. I think those stories are a lot more interesting.. Especially that NE story with Bobby Brown aka Eddie Kane aka David Ruffin!!! Much respect to TLC but okay already!

    • I can kinda agree with you on that the enough already. I don’t like how the story keeps changing and I also don’t like how they left out key parts to the TLC story. I want to see a Bad Boy Records Biopic, NE would be good, EnVogue, Xscape,and I could go on. Destiny’s Child I kinda know that whole story lol, but anything wit Queen Bey in it you already know I am in HERE for it!

  2. wow…I’m speechless for once..this is really big of you waitwaitwhut…I know how you loved to clown lil mama. People used to laugh at me when I said lil mama was a talent…now some are starting to see what I meant. IMO, She was just before her time and needed to come into her own.

    Even though I didn’t see the biopic, the person I feel badly for most is Crystal, as she was both the vision and the brains of the operation.

    oh, btw….an Xscape biopic will never happen…they didn’t have the same crossover appeal of an act like TLC.

    • Reality_check you don’t have the authority to say what will “never” happen we thank you for your opinion tho…As far as Lil Mama I give credit where credit is due! She did an outstanding job, and she has few songs that I like, but we will see what she does with this buzz. We will see if she scores a touchdown or fumbles the ball!

  3. okay….but please don’t hold your breath on that Xscape biopic while you debate my level of authority….we like your blog too much to potentially lose you *kisses*


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