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And then…there were 3 or 2, but who’s counting?

The ladies of the now defunct group Danity Kane dropped their third album last week. These heauxs couldn’t pull it together so that I could get to the money! They are clearly better as a group than solo in my opinion, but I guess Dawn, Juanita(D. Woods), and Aundrea had other more important things to do. (-_-) Welp! Let’s get to it! The album has 10 tracks, which is a good number! It features production from The Stereotypes and The Clutch. The ladies don’t stray too far from their normal formula, which works in their favor.

Rhythm Of Love, opens the album, and is the second single from the album(mistake!) The song has a real pop feel to it, I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it as a second single. Lemonade features Tyga(Young Money or nah?) and is the first single from the album. I like this song, the vocals are nice, and the Clipse sample is bangin. It is definitely classic DK. All In a Day’s Work, should have been the lead single from the album! I love this song and the choreography that they performed during their tour would have made for an awesome video, but again these heauxs couldn’t pull it together! Rage, sounds too much like Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Getting” Back Together and Fun’s “We Are Young”.

Tell Me, is a sexy mid-tempo song that I like, it reminds me of songs from their second album. Two Sides, is a slow song, and there are actually three sides to every story(his side, her side, and the m*thafuckin truth) but we’ll let DK have this one because their harmonies are nice on this one. Secret Lover, is another mid-tempo I don’t it, but I don’t love it either.

I am not really a fan of Roulette, but it is not a bad song. It is just not one of my favorites from the album, but it follows a formula that works for DK. Pieces, is another slow one that I like. Dawn leads this one and you can pretty much figure out the subject matter of the song from the title. Dawn doesn’t want you to break her heart to pieces like this group is broken into pieces. Bye Baby is a up-tempo that I like, with a catchy hook and I could see nice choreography for this one.

It’s a shame these heauxs couldn’t pull it together and tour with this album because it is fairly decent album. There isn’t one song that I could say is my favorite off the album. One thing about DK is that they stuck with a formula that has worked for them in the past for this album, and I am not mad about it! If it ain’t broke don’t fix it! I could see a few more singles and videos from this album, but these heauxs don’t want to GET TO THE MONEY! If you are a DK fan you will enjoy this album, if you’re not then you probably won’t. I happen like DK, because I saw them from their creation on MTV’s Making The Band. It’s a damn shame they let this album go to waste over petty bullsh*t! But again Dawn, Juanita(D. Woods), and Aundrea had more important things to do. As always form your own opinion about music and in general.

Final Rating 2.5/5


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