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So…Kimberly Jones took a break from nursing Royal Reign and decided to drop her long-delayed mixtape, Hardcore 2K14. Now I am not a fan of artists doing Part II’s of their classic albums and Lil Kim is no different, leave well enough alone! Part II almost never lives up to the original, and that’s the case with this mixtape/album. Now before Lil Kim fans go getting all up in arms, I am Day one Lil Kim fan! I want her to BE GREAT, but I am NOT HERE for this lackluster music. Kimberly’s most recent releases sound like she is not even trying. So if you’re not spitting like the Quiet Storm(Remix) or Big Mama Thang, I don’t desire to hear it.

This new mixtape includes 11 tracks and guest appearances from Jadakiss, Yo Gotti, Cassidy(What Career Crypt Did They Pull Him Out Of), and French Montana. The songs on this mixtape sound like Kimberly is trying to fit into what “the kids” are doing today, and honestly it doesn’t work. Real Sick featuring Jadakiss is probably the song that sounds the closest to the Lil Kim I miss. The song samples Nortorious B.I.G and is reminiscent of early 95-96. This song is probably the only one that I really like off the whole mixtape. If we could have more tracks in this vein I think the mixtape would have been much better.

In my opinion the rest of the mixtape falls flat. Dead Gal Walking, is Kim’s failed attempted at Trini Rap, where is Inga(Foxy Brown) when you need her because this isn’t it. Kim also tries to get her Lauryn Hill on with Whenever You See Me which features Cassidy, and samples The Fugees’s, Ready or Not, no thank you! Work The Pole, I assume is supposed to be Lil Kim’s ode to the strip club, it samples a 50 cent song not sure which one, but NO!

At some point someone needs to pull Kimberly to the side and let her know that this lazy ass rap isn’t going to cut it out what with Nicki and Remy out here. Someone please shake her! If you aren’t going to at least try Kim, why bother. I expected so much more from a hip hop legend like yourself, but again I am disappointed with this mixtape. Stop trying to fit into what everyone else is doing and just be Lil Kim! I am glad that you are making music that isn’t all about Nicki Minaj tho, that’s a step forward. As always I encourage you to judge for yourself, listen to the mixtape HERE 

Final Rating: 1.5/5

Whut say you?


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  1. I don’t think she should’ve put identity theft on there. But the rest of the mixtape bang. Especially Stadium music, Migos, Trendsetter, whenever you see me, and Haterz. That mixtape was just to let people know she is still doing it, she in the studio now.


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