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Faithfuls Rejoice!

The First Lady Faith Evans released her sixth studio album titled, Incomparable. The album features 16 song and guest appearances from Missy Elliott, Problem, Keke Wyatt, and Karen Clark-Sheard.  I am going to try something new with this review to make it a little less cumbersome to read. Instead of reviewing each song on the album I will tell what songs/interludes I liked and why. We will see how this works out.

Faith Evan rarely releases material that I don’t like, so this will be a bit challenging, but I am up for the challenge. Welp here goes nothing!

Prelude/Thank You Good Night

The prelude/opening track of the album is a great opening. It asks the question, how do you tell your “booty call” that it is time to go without being rude? Interesting question right, well I think Faith hits the nail right on the head with the line, “Thank, God bless you, and goodnight!” The use of lines from that classic cotton commercial that everyone knows wasn’t a bad addition either.

I Deserve It featuing Missy Elliott and Sharaya J

This song serves as the first single from the album, and is an official ladies anthem. It reminds me of Burnin Up(Remix) on which Faith collaborated with Missy. The new comer Sharaya J wasn’t a bad addition either, but someone let her know never to come for the Queen Bey, it will never turns out good. I like this up-tempo club banger.

Really Wanna Do 

This one is mid-tempo song, with a nice beat. Faith is singing about just wanting to have sex with a man, and letting it just be that, no strings/complications. This is a real life issue folks, that some women won’t verbalize.  The sample of the classic Mary Jane Girls song,  All Night Long  is an awesome addition to this song.

Take Your Time(Interlude)

This interlude should have been an entire song, which is the case with many interludes that Faith has done on previous albums. I would be interested to hear this one in its entirety. This song is vintage Faith Evans, it reminds of Faith’s first album Faith, which I can still play from beginning to end like it was just released.

Make Love featuring Keke Wyatt

This song right here! This song right here! I absolutely love this song, which was written by Keke Wyatt and Faith Evans. The combination of Ms. Keke Wyatt and Faith Evans just does something to my soul! This song sounds like Come Over revisited for 2014. This song is one that I put on instant repeat! It sounds like they had a good time making this song in the studio, I envision this song with a live band in a room with low lights! Yes Faith & Keke!

Ever Go Away  

This song is that vintage Faith Evans sounds that I have grown accustomed to over the years. It’s a slow song that also reminds me of her debut album. The runs and the background vocals are spot on. I like this one, it actually wasn’t long enough for me I felt like it could have gone on longer.

He Is

Now what would a Faith album be without a little gospel? That is exactly what this song is, Faith takes us to church with this song. Faith’s sound is often compared to Karen Clark-Sheard and rightfully so, since that is one of her mentors. The only thing missing from this song is a full choir and a collection plate at the end, because He Is! Go ahead and get your blessing from this one!

Now just because I didn’t go into detail about every song doesn’t necessarily mean that I disliked it, the songs above are just that song that stood out for me. The album as a whole is very cohesive it doesn’t sound like it was all over the place. I can tell that a lot of time and effort went into the songwriting and production of this album. As I said previously, it is rare that Faith releases material that I don’t like. I honestly prefer Faith on her slower tempo songs and ballads, that is where she shines brightest for me. If you’re a “Faithful” like me you are sure to love this album, and if you like good music in general you will love this album. R&B music is not dead, and Faith proved that with this album. As I always say at the end of my reviews, develop your own opinion where music is concerned and in general.

Final Rating: 3.5/5

Whut say you?

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