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Yes I know I am day late and dollar short with this review,but better late than never, right? Luke James finally released his self titled début album after what seemed like forever. If I am not mistaken the album had an earlier release date during the time when Queen Bey was on the Mrs. Carter tour. The regular album features 12 tracks and the deluxe edition features 15 tracks. The deluxe edition features another version of Options, Luke’s cover of Sam Smith’s smash single Stay With Me, and Make Love To Me.

So let’s cover what you probably already heard on the radio or on your favorite blog. I Want You, is a track that I absolutely love and actually what made me take pay attention to Luke. When he hit the high note, SOLD! Luke does an awesome job on the Stay With Me, a Sam Smith cover. Smith is hard act to follow on his smash single but Luke puts his own spin on the already great song. The Rick Ross assisted Options was an instant favorite of mine as soon as heard it. The driving beat does something to me. Rick and Luke compliment each other on this song,and it’s true we do have options. I want to say that I heard,  Make Love To Me, before not sure where at. The song is a nice smooth ballad, something that you could add to your “I’m In The Mood” playlist.

Now that we have covered what you most likely already heard, let’s talk about the other stand out songs on the album. The opening track, Love XYZ, gives me the same feel as Bey’s XO. It is a good opening track for the album. Don’t Do It(Interlude), is one of those songs that probably should have been an entire song, I would be interested to hear this one it’s entirety. This interlude sounds Robin Thicke-ish, I enjoyed it. Trouble, is a favorite track of mine Luke sings about how one can get lost in loving someone and it becoming problematic, PREACH Luke! This one spoke to me on so many levels. The piano on The Run coupled with Luke’s vocal make this track for me, his falsetto is music to my ears. It’s not overdone it is just right, I enjoyed this song.

Glass House, is probably my favorite song off the album,you can tell that Luke has been through something in life and love. The lyrical content of this song is genuine and from the heart, and again Luke uses that falsetto to shine on this song. Exit Wounds, whew Jesus! I think that sums up this song. Luke is singing about some real shit on this one here, with lyrics like “This ain’t a heart, it’s just an exit wound that won’t close” man listen! That ladies and gentlemen is a GOTDAMN lyric! This is another favorite of mine. Insane/Bombin’ Out Interlude is nice mid-tempo that transitions from one song into another. I would be interested to hear Bombin’ Out in its entirety. It sounds like it had the makings of good song.

I must say I’m impressed with Luke’s début album maybe all the delays were for a good reason. This is a solid début album. It’s not all over the place, and it sounds cohesive. James sounds like he sure of who he is, where some artist struggle to find their sound James is resolute. Luke James is most definitely going to make waves in the music industry. I just hope that people really listen to what he is singing about, and not just the beat. In the current climate of the music industry many tend to get caught up in the beat, and totally disregard the lyrical content. James is singing about some real shit on this album. If you are a fan of lyrical music then this album is worth listen. I am very interested to see how he develops as an artist. As I always say, form your own opinion about music and in general don’t take mine as the gospel. I wouldn’t steer you wrong though!

Final Rating: 4/5

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