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[Review] OLG: Old Lady Gang A Southern Eatery


Kinfolk! Yesterday was Sunday Funday and as you all know that normally includes a brunch and cocktail of some sort to get onesself ready for the upcoming week. This Sunday I decided to try out Real Housewife of Atlanta Kandi Burruss’s new restaurant, OLG: Old Lady Gang: A Southern Eatery located at 177 Peters Street SW, Atlanta, GA. Eating is one of the many things I enjoy in addition to music, movies, books, and ratchet television. So it’s only right that I give you my two cents on this new restaurant, because that’s what you came for, right?

OLG has not officially had it’s grand opening, Kandi opted to do a “soft opening”, which in my opinion was a smart decision. Work out all the kinks and see what menu items work and don’t work. See what staff members work and don’t work. This all in effort to provide quality food, great customer service, and a long lasting business. Many restaurants skip this step and end up on Blawgs and Yelp! with bad reviews. “Not I!” said Kandi.

Even though the restaurant is still in the “soft opening” it has been very busy. The streets were saying the wait times exceeded 3 hours, which is understandable with the notoriety of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and also Atlanta’s support of Kandi. Surprisingly the wait was not that bad this day. I waited roughly 2 hours, and during my wait Aunt Nora showed up fresh out of church. She greeted guests waiting to be seated and was very warm and welcoming. She even posed for pictures with guests.During my wait, I also spotted Kayla(Todd’s daughter) and  the adorable Ace Tucker.

The overall ambiance of the space was nice. I didn’t really care for it when I saw it on the RHOA,  but in person it was very nice. There is a main dining room with a bar. There is also a bar area downstairs with lounge, and patio area with more seating. The walls are adorned with family photos also a lighted OLG sign. I am assuming that a bigger store front sign will come in the future because the sign that was present was rather small.

Let me get to the meat and potatoes of this, I’ve kept you waiting long enough! The brunch menu was very concise, which is good. When you have too many choices it can be overwhelming for the guests and the kitchen staff. I am thinking the menu is changed frequently during this “soft opening” stage to see what guests like and don’t like.

Our server was nervous, but she was very nice and attentive. Now Sunday Funday just isn’t right without a cocktail/spirit of some sort. I opted for the Stubborn Atlanta Mule, because you can’t go wrong with a mule.

The drink was very good, it could have been just a little bit sweeter, but it was one of the better mules that I have had and Hennessy just makes everything better! Next up was the appetizer, I went with the Deep-Fried Whipped Deviled Eggs. I was a bit skeptical when I saw this menu item, my first thought was, “How do you deep-fry a deviled egg?” But I went with it!

I was pleasantly surprised by this offering. The presentation was excellent! The deviled eggs were good! So much so, I got on Pintrest to see how to recreate this dish at home. For my entree I went with the Mama Sharon’s Chicken & French Toast.

The presentation was good( you can’t really see it from the above picture because I went to work on the food, then realized I forgot to take a picture) My entree was good, but I would have much rather had whole wings as opposed to the wing dings I was given. There’s something about a whole wing I like over a wing ding. Also the batter could have used just a bit more seasoning. Overall this dish was good. There was no desert menu during my visit. I am sure that will come as Kandi gets closer to the grand opening.

Overall OLG was a “YES” for me. The ambiance, the food, the drinks, the service were all good. I will definitely  go back to try the lunch and dinner offerings after the grand opening. Atlanta Kinfolk be sure to go support Kandi. I am always HERE for black business.

Whut say you?


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