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The Kang AKA TIP AKA T.I, dropped his 9th studio album titled Paperwork the week before last. It honestly doesn’t feel like TIP has been around for that long, but he has! The album was released on his Grand Hustle label, which is now housed under Columbia(formerly Atlantic). This is the first album under Columbia. Pharrell Williams serves as executive producer on the album, and also features from production DJ Mustard,DJ Toomp, Tricky Stewart, London on da Track, and many others(recipe for disaster). The album also features a slew of guest appearances, way too many if you ask me. The deluxe version of the features 18 songs.

I have a list of artists that I will purchase without listening(this list is short, because many of these artist release good singles and  bullshit albums).The lead sing, About The Money featuring Young Thug, is a favorite of mine. I can’t be responsible for the ratchet behavior that occurs when this song comes on.  No Mediocre featuring Iggy Azalea was luck warm for me, not the best second single, but Iggy is the “it” female rapper of the moment and T.I’s protege, so I get why she was used. The third single, New National Anthem featuring Skylar Grey,was very socially conscious with the murder of Mike Brown at the forefront of many people’s minds. Now that we covered what you probably heard on the radio let’s get to the rest of the album.

Since this album has 18 tracks and I don’t want to bore you I will cut to chase and tell what I liked. The opening track, King, is a favorite of mine due to the fact that it is very regal, and TIP’s rapid fire bars only compliment the awesome production of this song. G Shit, is another favorite, it features your favorite trap star Jeezy and some other rapper that I don’t know. TIP and Jeezy shine on this Pharrell produced track. Private Show features Chris Brown, and you can probably tell the subject matter of this song from the title. You can go ahead and add this to your “Sexcellent” playlist. Breezy smooth vocal help smooth out TIP’s raunchy lyrics.

Jet Fuel features Boosie Badazz, so you already know what time it is! This song is ratchet, and I love it! Boosie incites ratchet behavior in me and probably anyone that listens to him. TIP and Boosie work well on this southern ratchet anthem. Paperwork features Pharrell Williams, the storytelling approach TIP takes with this song really works, I like when he tells stories in his rhymes. It doesn’t hurt that Pharrell slides on the soulful hook. Stay features Victoria Monet(I assume she is on Grand Hustle), this song is TIP’s ode to Tiny, this song sounds like his version of Jay-Z’s Song Cry. I like this song and specifically Victoria Monet’s vocals on the hook. These are the songs that I really enjoyed off the album.

The 18 tracks on this album leaves me feeling overwhelmed, there are far too many songs packed onto this album. It sounds to me like T.I & Team couldn’t make a decision on what to cut from the album, so they just threw it all on the album. 12 songs max would have been sufficient for, because anything over 12 tracks and you’ve lost me. T.I. is one of my favorite artists, but this album is all over the place, it is not cohesive at all! This could be because so many producers worked on the album, making it feel disjointed. Also the subject matter of the album doesn’t line up with the image that T.I. presents on his weekly reality show, The Family Hustle. The line between T.I the rapper and T.I. the family man is a thin one, and I’m not sure he was able to tow that line with this album. The album is not a terrible album, but I won’t say this is T.I.’s best work either. As I say at the end of all my reviews form your own opinions about music and in general. You may hear something that I didn’t hear, this album is worth listening to, but I have honestly have heard better from T.I.

Honorable Mention: Sugar Cane

Final Rating 2.5/5

Whut say you?

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