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[REVIEW] Point of No Return-Keyshia Cole



Keyshia Cole dropped her 6th studio album this week titled, Point of No Return. After hearing the early singles from this album I really wasn’t  enthused to hear this album. I know what your thinking, “Keyshia is going through a divorce, so cut her a little slack.” While I get that she going through a terrible situation in her personal life, I expected her to turn her pain into good music. Welp! that’s not what I got from Point of No Return. The album features 11 songs and a slew of guest appearances(2 Chainz, Juicy J, and Future). So let’s go ahead and get started.

The album opens with, Intro(Last Tango), which is devoid of any real melody, sounds like Keyshia is talking her way through the track. Now I will say that Faith Evans held the background vocals down on this intro, she actually outshines Keyshia. Next up is Heat of Passion, is another sing/talk track without any real melody. Again the background vocals sound better than Keyshia on this song. This song is clearly about Daniel(Losing Isiah) and the gunshot at the end of the song is very disturbing. N.L.U(N*gga Like You) is another Daniel bashing song that samples R. Kelly, I actually like this, again Faith Evans outshines Keyshia on the background vocals. I could have done without 2 Chainz’s simple ass rhymes. Next Time(Won’t Give My Heart Away) is one of the early songs that I heard from the album, when I listened to the song initially I didn’t like it, but after listening to it in comparison with the rest of the songs on the album, it is actually one of the better song on the album. This song actually sounds like “Old Keyshia”.

Rick James is a waste of studio time and should have been left on the floor in the studio, Juicy J adds absolutely nothing to this song, it is dated by the Rick James reference. New Nu, produced by Mike Will Made It, which we know because he puts that annoying ass intro on all songs produced by him, but who am I to knock his branding hustle. I didn’t like this song, it falls flat for me. Sheproduced by DJ Mustard, is the song that where Keyshia decided she wanted to take a dip in the ladypond. When I first heard this song I wasn’t a fan, but again in comparison with the other songs on the album this is one of the better songs from the album. Believer, is decent, I wasn’t doing back flips but it will do.

Love Letter, was decent until Future came in with that sing/yodel/rap thing that he does.Future worked on Tamar’s, Let Me Know, but I could have done without him on this song. The “y’all bitches wanted that” at the end didn’t make any sense to me. Party Ain’t A Party, features a newcomer named Gavyn Rhone, who sounds like Mario, I actually think that Mario would have sounded better on this. I liked this song. Remember(Part 2) is the standout song on the album for me,and I normally don’t like Part 2’s of songs or albums. Keyshia shines on this song, you can tell from the vocal that she really felt this song, and the choir just takes this song to the next level. You can hear the pain in Keyshia’s voice. This is the Keyshia that f*cks with! She really gathered all her f*cks and sprinkled them all over the booth with this song.

Keyshia has reached the Point of No Return, with this album. Many of the songs sound lazy, and I get the vibe that she wasn’t into these songs. All the sing/talk and no melody just make this album a dud for me. I really had hoped she  would channel the pain of her divorce into a great album, but that is not what I got from the album. This album isn’t her best work. She could have done much better vocally, and left off many of the guest appearances, because they really add nothing to the album. It’s clear from all the use of profanity on the album, that Keyshia is a woman scorned. But there are three sides to every story(her side, his side, and the m*thafuckin truth). So from this album we got Keyshia’s side of the story, I would be interested to hear Daniel’s side of things. Keyshia Cole stans will go up for this album, but me not so much. Being that this is Keyshia’s 6th album I expected much more vocally and artistically, but she failed to move me. As always form your own opinion, you may feel something I didn’t.

Final Rating: 2/5


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