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Christopher Maurice Brown’s new album Royalty dropped on Friday. This after he went on a Twitter rant about Meek Mill’s piss(pun intended) poor decisions and how the justice system is corrupt. While I agree the system is corrupt, I’m not sure Meek Mill and his protein shakes was the correct example to use when juxtaposing the corrupt justice system and the African American experience. But hey I am always HERE for a Christopher rant, they’re entertaining. 

Let’s talk about this cover art, while I love little Royalty, I am wondering what Breezy’s team was thinking or not thinking by putting a picture of an innocent child on an album that is highly sexual, vulgar, and misogynistic. But hey Chris and Co. have never had great decision making skills. The album has 18 tracks which is far too many, 12 is a good round number. I’ll just cut to the chase and tell you which tracks I enjoyed. 

Make Love is a slow song you can pretty much figure out the subject manner of the song. This is classic CB, it’s one of the less vulgur tracks. Liquor is of course an instant favorite of mine and incites an ole nasty hip roll in me. Who’s Gonna(Nobody) samples Keith Sweat’s classic Nobody. The basic sentiment of the song is Nobody is gonna f*ck you like CB, we get it! I like the song and it is  essential for your smashing playlist. 

On Discover Breezy is in his feelings about Karreuche after he discovered he loved her, I enjoyed it and got a good laugh at the same time. Joni Mitchell never lied! Little Bit is a mid-tempo that has an infectious hook, I like it. Proof finds CB in his feelings again most likely about Ms. Tran I enjoyed it. U Did It features Navaydius Wilburn AKA Future Hendrix so y’all already know I am HERE for it! It’s a typical Future trap ratchet track. I love it! 

Royalty is what I expected from Chris Brown he gave us a little R&B and a little Pop. I gravitate more towards CB’s R&B esque songs. The pop songs sometimes grate my nerves, but I understand that CB needs that cross over appeal to remain relevant when Justin Bieber is out here stealing whole routines and styles. 

Royalty needed to have the fat trimmed, some songs could have definitely been left off. 18 songs is way too damn many songs for an album. 7 out of 18 is about 40%, so I guess that’s good. Then albums has moments, but I found myself skipping around. The album is worth a listen. But as I always say form your own opinion about music and in general. I’m just giving you my two cents.

Whut say you?


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