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[Review] Sex, Love, & Pain II-Tank



Tank released his new album Sex, Love & Pain II, the week before last. I know, I know, I’m late with my review. Better late than never. The album has tracks which is an awesome number unlikeChristopher  Maurice Brown with 18 damn tracks(no interludes) 10 is a nice round number, not too many and doesn’t  leave you wanting more. 

Now I’ll be the first to say that I have a love/hate relationship with Tank, he is hit or miss with me. It’s either all good or all bad when it comes to Tank with me. I have similar feelings about Anthony Hamilton. That is not to take anything away from Tank as a singer/songwriter. He has an amazing voice and his pen game is insane. That being said let’s get to this new album. I have to be honest didn’t really see it for SLP I, but SLP II resonated with me. After text messages from several friends saying the album was fire, I figured what the hell? Let me give it a go!

SLP II doesn’t stray too far from Tank’s normal formula, but it does get off track when he attempts to appeal to the younger generation on tracks like She Was The Sh*t, which features Rich Homie Quan. I love Rich Homie Quan, Lord knows I do! But no! #BDAY which features Chris Brown, Siya, and Sage Gemini sounds like it could have been track 19 on Chris Brown’s last album. I don’t hate it, but it comes across like that older uncle who tries to fit in with his younger nephews.

Tank gets it back on track with tracks like You Don’t Know featuring Wale and samples the Patti LaBelle classic If Only You Knew. I love this song, could have done without Wale, but hey he has to eat too. On  So Cold he sings about a relationship he messed up, and I like it. Tank even enlists Boyz II Men’s Shawn Stockman help on Already In Love, these two mesh well on this one. On Him Her Them he basically tells his girl that she won’t find a love like his, I enjoyed it. I also enjoyed SLP2, which was a nice opening for the album.

Sans a few missteps SLP II is a cohesive album and doesn’t stray from Tank’s formula. It is a solid R&B album, and if you’re a lover of R&B music, then you’ll surely enjoy it! As always form your own opinion about the music as well in general. The album is definitely worth a listen.

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