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[Review] The Definition Of…Fantasia


American Idol Winner Fantasia Barrino has released her 5th studio album, “The Defintion Of…” The album has 11 tracks with appearances from Stacy Barthe, Aloe Blacc, and Tye Tribett. The album was executive produced by veteran A&R/record producer Ron Fair

The album is not like any album I have heard from Fantasia. She has been quoted saying she fought hard for artistic freedom with this album. It’s clear her fight paid off because this album is touching several genres of music, from R&B to Country. This strategy is very smart because it appeals to audiences that maybe would not listen to a Fantaia album. I could see her performing songs from this album on The BET Awards, The Country Music Awards, and The Grammy’s.

My favorite songs from the album are:

  1. So Blue
  2. When I Met You,
  3. Sleeping With The One I Love,
  4. Wait For You,
  5. Lonely Legend
  6. I Made It(feat Tye Tribbett)

“So Blue” is mid-tempo with a Carribean feel to it where Tasia sings of being Sad about a love lost, I like it.  “When I Met You” is probably the closest song to the Fanatasia that I am used to hearing. On the song she reflects on past relationships preparing her for her current marriage. This one is my favorite songs on the album. “Sleeping With The One I Love” is inspired by James Brown’s It’s A Man’s World and we find Tasia singing about not being satisfied in current relationship, which results her cheating. This song has a Broadway musical(Chicago) feel to it.It’s very dramatic and definitely a different direction.

“Wait For You” has an electronic feel to it. It sounds like it was pulled from a Disclosure album. It’s different but I like it and it’s a testament to the fact that Fantasia can sing any type of music. On “Lonely Legend” Fantasia sounds like Tina Tuner for 2016,she is definitely giving us Soul/Rock with this horn and bass heavy song, this one is my other favorite song from the album. “I Made It” features gospel artist Tye Tribbett, and sounds more inspirational than gospel, but I still like it. It sounds like something Isreal and New Breed would do, but again Fantasia can sing anything.

If nothing else, The Defintion Of…, is experimental. It’s easy to tell that Fantasia did things the way she wanted with this album. This album may carry some fans too fast, but I am HERE for it! It’s like no other Fantasia album I have heard. After all the trials and tribulations Fantasia has faced publicly and privately she deserves to do it her way! If you’re a Fantasia fan or a music lover in general then you’ll surely find something on this album that resonates with you. This album is most definitely worth a listen.

Whut say you?



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