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[REVIEW] The Lyricist Opus-Chrisette Michele



R&B Diva Chrisette Michele released an EP titled the Lyricist Opus this past week. When Chrisette announced this album I was excited. I was expecting an unplugged album with live vocals and live instrumentation, but that’s clearly not what this EP is. The EP has six songs. I can’t say that any of the six songs standout to me. I don’t hate the album, but it is not what I was expecting or may I misinterpreted the Chrisette’s description of it. I do like Super Chris & Together.

The EP was just okay for me, I would really like to hear an unplugged album from Chrisette Michele I really think she would do great with that. I love Chrisette’s previous albums, her second album is probably my favorite of all the albums that she has released. Hopefully Chrisette is in the studio hard at work on a full length album and hopefully she will consider an unplugged album. As always form your own opinion where music is concerned and in general.

Final Rating: 2/5

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