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[Review] True To Self-Bryson Tiller


Kinfolk! Young Bryson Tiller dropped ‘True To Self‘ which is the follow-up to his debut album, Trap Soul. The album touts a hefty 19 songs, and y’all know how I feel about albums with more than 10-12 songs, it’s too damn many! That was the first indication that we were headed in the wrong direction. Tiller had a lot to live up to with this second album, especially with the success of ‘Trap Soul’. Sadly this second album does not measure up to his debut album. It honestly sounds like one long ass song! Many of the tracks could have been left on the editing room floor. This album could have been easily condensed down to 10 songs, and this would have made for a better more cohesive project.

Now before Tiller’s die-hard fans attack, there are some shining moments on this album. The utilization of 90’s & 2000’s R&B music samples is executed perfectly. Listen for the SMV(Rain Intro), Faith Evans(Set It Off), Tweet(No Longer Friends), and Mary J. Blige(Stay Blessed) samples, just to name a few. It’s easy to tell that Bryson is heavily influenced by 90’s & 2000’s music, which in my opinion are probably are the best era’s for music. So I am not about to go through an analyze each song on the album but what I will do is give you my version of the album.

Rain On Me(Intro)

No Longer Friends

We Both Know

You Got It

In Check

Teach Me Lesson

Stay Blessed

Set It Off

Nevermind This Interlude

Somethin Tells Me

Always (Outro)

The songs above would have been enough for me. I didn’t hate the songs that I left off, they were just unnecessary. As I say in all my review form your own opinions regarding music and in general. ‘True To Self’ is not a terrible album, but it is just not up to the same standard as ‘Trap Soul’. Following up a successful debut is a daunting task for most artists. Do not fret though, because Young Bryson is just getting started, and interested to see his rise.

Whut say you?


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