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So last week Christopher Maurice Brown AKA Chris Brown dropped his new album,X, and as with all new music released on Tuesday I give every album a fair chance. The album features 21 songs, yes I know what your thinking, “That’s a shit load of song,” but if you lived the past few years that Christopher has lived you to would probably have a lotta shit to get off your chest too. What better way to get shit off your chest than with music.

The album includes Fine, Loyal featuring Lil Wayne and Tyga, Love More featuring Nicki Minaj, and New Flame featuring Usher all of which you have probably heard on your local radio station. But let’s get to the songs that are not yet being played on the radio. The album opener, X, is clearly about Rihanna. The line “If your only as good as the company you keep, then ima blame you for what they say about me.” kind of let’s us know the direction that this song and album are going to take, and I am HERE for it. X is a great song on which Christopher proclaims that he is moving on, and I hope he stays far away from Rihanna, because every-time they hook up he f*cks up!

Songs On 12 Play features Tremaine AKA Trey Songz and pays homage to the originator R. Kelly by using many of Kelly’s classic song titles. Trey and Chris gel well on this song and I could hear this one receiving heavy airplay. So after paying homage to the originator R. Kelly, why not put him on a song with you? Welp! That’s exactly what happened on Drown In It, this one has already been added to the “Sexcellent” playlist on my iPod. Robert and Christopher showed up and showed out on this song. Ladies you may get pregnant listening to this one. Came To Do featuring Akon is a mid-tempo that I enjoyed, but I honestly could have done without Akon, he is so irrelevant.

Lady In The Glass Dress(Interlude) is an example of an interlude that should have been whole song, I didn’t want this one to go off, this slow interlude is awesome! Autumn Leaves featuring Kendrick Lamar is a favorite track off the album. Chris pours out his heart on this song, and Kendrick Lamar’s verse is f*cking amazing! Do Better featuring Brandy is another favorite track of mine C&B mesh well on this song tempo track. Thanks Brandy for paying Chris Brown back for Put It Down off your under promoted album, Two Eleven.

Drunk Texting features same note/same key/same run singing Jhene Aiko, you get the idea of the song from the title. We’ve all been there and had to make that decision to send or not to send that text message. Chris and Jhene just put our thought process into song form. Lost In Ya Love is my favorite song off the album. As soon as I heard it, the song was on repeat for days! Chris is giving me a MJ-esque feel on this song, and the hook is so easy to sing along with. Chris out did himself with this song right here, the syncopation is immaculate.

This album is well thought out and sounds like Christopher had a lot to get off his chest. I think he did just that with this album he has a good mixture of radio friendly songs as well those hidden gems(B-sides). Chris showed growth on this album and also showed a vulnerability that we are not used to from him. After all the issues Christopher has experienced in recent years, it’s good to see he was able to channel his energy into his music and construct an awesome album. As always form your own opinion where music is concerned and in general, but trust me I wouldn’t steer you wrong.

S/N: 101(Interlude) should have been a full song as well!

Final Rating 4/5

Whut say you?


  1. Ahh, Chris. I am feeling this album tremendously. “Autumn Leaves”, I love primarily due to its nod to Outkast’s “Liberation” (production-wise of course). Kendrick did an excellent job conjuring memories of The Marshall Mathers (“Kim”). I was pissed that “101 interlude” was not a full length record as well. You owe me, Chris! Stuff like that makes me want a full refund. How you just gonna lead me to this delectable crescendo then drop me off the friggin’ cliff. You wrong for that! Rant over. “Don’t Think They Know”, I love. “Lost In Ya Love”, I love love love. “Came To Do”,alright now, do it then Chris. “Drown In It”, I like. But, you know no one sings the word “flow” like Trey Songz on “Dive In”. I’ll take Kells anyday. “Do Better”, “Time For Love”, “New Flame”, “Loyal”, “Stereotype”, “Drunk Texting”, all are liked with an even measure of shoulder bounce. All in all, it’s that good stuff. I do feel that this was a ridiculously long lead up to a full length album. Fine China feels like it came out eons ago.


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