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So…last night the 2014 Soul Train Awards came on BET/Centric and it left a lot to be desired. The red carpet special was decent, but I’m convinced my girl Tamar popped a Molly or 10 Five Hour Energy’s because she was bouncing off the damn walls! But she was entertaining nonetheless.

Chris Brown opened the show with a medley of his hits, he took us back to the Chris Brown we fell in love with. He performed one of my favorite songs from his debut album, Yo(Excuse Me Miss). On stage is where Christopher is at his best. Good job, but please work on those acceptance speeches.

Last years production value was A1! This year no so much, transitions were shoddy and overall it was not as good when compared to last year’s show. BET and Centric I thought we had a good fit with whomever was over production last year, what happened! Let’s try and get them back next year. Next up to perform was Nico and Vinz, now I have to be honest I had no clue who these young men were until they started performing their song, Am I Wrong, they did ok. I could have just taken them performing the song that everyone is familiar with but I’ll let them live.

The most anticipated performance of the night was the reunion of R&B group Jodeci. These guys haven’t performed together in years so I was looking forward to a good performance. No such luck, they decided to lip-sync their whole performance thinking that DeVante’s smedium side/front ponytail would distract us. It did momentarily, but I was disappointed, but at the same time maybe it was for the best because life ain’t been no crystal stair for JoJo and K-Ci and their voices. Nevertheless it was good to hear their classics again even if they didn’t sing them live.

The Kool and The Gang tribute wasn’t really well executed. Doug E Fresh did the best he could to keep the sinking ship afloat. The performance is kind of a blur, but MC Lyte, Elle Varner, Tamar, Joe, MA$E, and some other people that I don’t remember participated in the tribute or lack thereof. MA$E styled himself in the latest CitiTrend fashions. But he was happy to just be on stage, bless his little Harlem World heart. The periwinkle elephant of the night was the fact that JT the lead singer of Kool & The Gang was missing and no one in the group acknowledged it.

Lil Kim reunited with Missy & Da Brat to do the Not Tonight(Remix). I guess Angie Martinez was busy doing other more important things or she wasn’t asked. The performance was decent. Da Brat looked like she was so happy to be on stage, bless her heart. There were also a gang of other females onstage including MC Lyte , The Lady of Rage, Total( Minus Kiesha, because she is cashing House and Resurrection checks courtesy of her hubby Omar Epps and has no time for the Bad Boy revival).It didn’t make sense at first, but then I remembered the video and it all made sense.

Other performances of the night included Tinashe, who began her performance with two songs that the audience was unfamiliar with only then to lead into 2 On. Pumpkin, next time lead off with the song everyone knows and then go into your new material. I got several messages and tweets asking, “Harpo, who dis woman?” Aloe Blac performed, and I like his music, but no! Kem and Ledisi performed as well. Kem does absolutely nothing for me, probably because all his songs sound the same. The only thing that helped him was Ledisi and performing his first single, which I actually do like.

We Are Toonz performed Drop That #NeNe, which was better suited for The EBT(BET)Hip Hop Award, but nonetheless I was up doing the dance, because everyone needs a little ratchet in their life! Auntie Stephanie Mills also performed her classic,Home, and the new money n*ggas in the audience were texting and Instagraming while she was singing her throat out, some just don’t appreciate good music or good live vocals.

I wasn’t impressed with the show overall, I enjoyed last year’s show much better. Best performances of the evening go to Chris Brown and Stephanie Mills. Hopefully next year’s show is better because I could have watched Real Housewives of Atlanta and DVRed the awards if I’m being honest. Oh I almost forgot Wendy Williams hosted too, she was ok partly because we only saw her a few times throughout the show.

Whut say you?

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  1. I guess several costume changes makes you an award show host nowadays. What was Wendy Williams purpose during the actual show? I personally would have preferred the real RuPaul.


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