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[Review]Back 2 Life-LeToya Luckett


Kinfolk! LeToya Luckett has finally released her new album, Back 2 Life(B2L), and it’s about damn time! I thought she had said f*ck music, and decided to pursue acting permanently, but that wasn’t the case. LeToya is probably the most successful of the Destiny’s Child members that decided to go against the Creole God’s and dare defy Beyoncé and Matthew Knowles(I’m kidding, but not kidding). She has had three 2 solid albums prior to the release of this one, and also budding acting career. Preacher’s Kid still gets heavy rotation on EBT(BET), Tank and LeToya deserved a Hoody Award for their performance in that movie.

The cover art for this album is EVERYTHING. The blond hair and pose just do something for me! B2L has 13 tracks, which is decent number of tracks, y’all know how I feel about albums with excessive amounts songs, which most times are fillers(shit that should have been left on the studio floor). When I heard Christopher Maurice Brown was releasing a double album with 40 songs, my first thought was, “Why for?” But let’s get back to LeToya. The thing that I love about LeToya is she doesn’t stray far from what works for her, and I appreciate that about her. B2L has one guest appearance from Ludacris, which seems to be a tradition with him appearing on Regrets on her last album. For the most part the album is slow and sensual, with a few up-tempo songs. This album is true R&B or the closest thing to it, in today’s musical landscape.

The lead single B2L was great way to lead off this project, and the accompanying video only adds to the appeal. The homage to paid to Soul II Soul is also appreciated. Of the 13 tracks, I can’t say I dislike any of them. LeToya shines on slower tracks like I’m Ready, Used To, Middle,Higher, and Loving You. LeToya’s voice fits these track perfectly. But that’s not to say her faster tracks disappoint. In The Name and My Love are more up-tempo tracks that I love from the album. Letoya Luckett didn’t disappoint with this third solo effort.

B2L as whole is a very cohesive project, LeToya delivered an album that will resonate well with her fan base. She doesn’t carry us too fast with this album, she stays in her lane while managing to still show some growth artistically. Showing growth as an artist is sometimes are arduous task, but LeToya succeeded with this album. B2L is a solid R&B album that is definitely worth a listen. I want to see LeToya win, and if she continues to deliver projects like this she will!

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