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Kinfolk Urrrrrrrrsher Raymond dropped his new album Hard II Love. While Usher may be Hard II Love, this album is Hard To Listen II! The first single, No Limit, should have been my first indication that we were headed for trouble! Was the single catchy? Yes. Was it up-to-par for Usher? Nope! Then there was the talk of a remix with Master P, as if Young Thug was not enough of an assault to our ears and sensibilities. All of this to together let me know this album was doomed.

The album has 15 songs and guest appearances from Young Thug and Future. I honestly don’t know what exactly is going on in Usher’s camp, but this is not the move. This album sounds like Usher doing a bad impression of Chris Brown/Bryson Tiller/Trey Songz. At this point in his career Usher should be far more evolved than the subject matter of this album. I hear no growth artistically or vocally.

Where Usher used to set trends he is now following trends. He is trying to fit into what’s playing on the radio instead of taking his well deserved artistic freedom and doing what he wants to do musically, because this cannot be authentic to him. I could be wrong this very well could be his truth, but his truth is uninspired.

It was a difficult task to pick songs that I liked off the album, but of the 15 songs I liked Need U, which gives me a Michael Jackson(Butterflies) feel. Bump, which is a slow tempo featuring a sample of Uncle Luke(Don’t Stop Get It Get It) and Lil John’s voice. It’s a decent song.  Let Me, is a slow tempo and features a sample of Let Me Love You Down by Ready For The World, while the lyrics of the song were simplistic, I enjoyed the musical production. Tell Me is Usher’s effort to recreate the magic of Do It To Me from Confessions. It’s close but no cigar, but I still like song.

Hard II Love is a fail for me. Mr. Raymond still hasn’t  reached his full potential musically, or maybe he has. This album did absolutely nothing for me. Usher needs to get back to basics, tear this shit down to the studs and rebuild with a new team that seeks to set trends. How does an artist like Usher go from setting trends for these young male singers to sounding like that old uncle trying fit in with his young nephews. I am saddened by his non-progression and this need to do what’s popular. I’m sure die hard Usher fans will go up for this album, but I CAN’T. As with everything form your own opinion, but it’s a ‘No’ for me.

Whut say you?


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