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[REVIEW]Should Been There Pt. 1-Sevyn Streeter


Singer/songwriter Seven Streeter is back with new music. The new project is titled Should Been There Pt. 1. The project has 6 songs and several interludes. Of the six song, I can say that I like all 6 songs, but my favorite songs are as follows:

Don’t Kill The Fun(feat. Chris Brown)

This song is feel good up-tempo on which Sevyn and Chris Brown sing about living life and having fun. Living in the moment the best course of action in life.The duo always makes good music together, and this time is no different. This one is repeat worthy.


This one is a mid-tempo song on which Sevyn sings about being played by her boyfriend, but hey at least he’s consistent! LOL. Nothing vocally dynamic about this song, but it has a nice beat and it is catchy. It’s definitely worth a listen.

Love In Competition 

This is the Sevyn I love, she always comes through with a nice little slow jam. Love In Competition is that slow jam that I was looking for from her. She sings about doubting her partners faithfulness, she wonders if he is seeing another chick on the side, and how compares to said chick. So relatable, how many females/males have done this? I love this one!

Boomerang(feat Hit-Boy)

Boomerang is a hip roll/slow wine tune featuring Hit-Boy. Sevyn uses a boomerang as metaphor for her man who goes out at night, but doesn’t return home to her. She also samples Toni Braxton’s Love Shoulda Brought You Home, which was featured on the Boomerang Original Soundtrack, very smart. This is a good one as well.

I honestly could have gone without all the interludes, and opted for more songs, but this is just part 1. We will see what part 2 has to offer. Sevyn is definitely here to stay. This project is solid effort and definitely worth a listen.

Final Rating: 2.5/5

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