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So I just finished watching Xscape’s Unsung on TVOne and I learned several things that I didn’t know. First, I didn’t know there was 5th member in the group, that was unceremoniously kicked out the group, that is  reminiscent of TLC’s story. Second, I had no idea Tamika Scott was pregnant during the first album, baggy clothes really conceal. Third, I didn’t know that LaTocha Scott’s boyfriend became their manager(MISTAKE!)

Now let’s talk about the real reason the group broke up. For years it’s been reported that LaTocha was the reason the group broke up, and guess what ladies and gentlemen SHE WAS! Now I will be the first to say that LaTocha was the strongest vocalist in the group, but I didn’t see her as a solo artist or even a breakout star for that matter. Also Kandi sang a significant amount of leads on songs. This is one of those instances where the group needed to stay together. What I gathered from the show is that LaTocha was the diva of the group. Now I’m sure there were other things that resulted in the break-up but the common denominator is LaTocha wanted to go solo.

I now totally understand why Kandi and Tiny didn’t do the So So Def 20th Anniversary Concert. While I wish they could have worked it out, I totally understand not getting on stage to be fake for the sake of a concert. It’s funny how things work out. In the words of Nene Leakes, “You never win, when you play dirty” *taps LaTocha on the shoulder* After all the diva antics she never recorded a solo album and she flopped on R&B Divas *shaking my head* Additonally Tamika could have kept her fake ass apology too, it was not genuine at all! One thing I will say about Kandi if nothing else, she keeps it real! I am team Kandi on this one!

Even when the group rebooted LaTocha’s diva antics caused T.I. to advise Tiny to leave the group because the business wasn’t right! “You never win, when you play dirty!” Side Note: Mama Joyce stay cussing someone out! LOL In this instance it was justified tho.

I won’t hold my breath for an Xscape reunion there are way too many unresolved issues. Fake ass apologies and exaggerated importance aside, I enjoyed the show. It provided insight into the demise of Xscape. Kudos TVOne for quality programming.

Whut say you?

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  1. […] It’s a damn shame that foolishness broke up such a good group. I honestly believe that Xscape had several more albums in them, but oh well, I’ll just rest with their classics. There is talk of a possible reunion tour, but I won’t hold my breath on that, because LaTocha still has Beyonce aspirations on a Latavia Roberson budget, but I digress. Be sure to check out my review of last week’s episode HERE […]


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