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So…I know I am late with this review seeing as how this album was released a few weeks ago, but shit life happens. Now I will admit upon first listening to this album, it really didn’t grab me in the way that I wanted it to. I am not one to rush to judgement where music is concerned, especially when I haven’t listened in my car. The car is where I do my best listening it just sounds better in the car. I am not sure why that is, but it just is. I will also add that watching Jill Scott’s “HelloBeautiful” special that came on TVOne helped me to appreciate Jill’s new offering. There is something about live performance that accentuates music for me. So after watching the special I gave this new project another good listen and to my surprise I enjoyed it. Now I will say nothing grabs me like “Who Is Jill Scott? or The Real Thing: Words And Sounds Vol. 3, but it’s hard to recreate the magic of those albums. It’s also unfair to expect that same magic.

Prepared, which is the second track on the album is one of my favorites, Jill sings of getting her proverbial “house” in order so that she can be prepared when the Lord calls her home, deep shit, right? I enjoyed the message of this song, and we should all follow suit. On Can’t Wait she sings of not being able to wait to get some loving from her man, you know that feeling when you are in your BEW’s presence and nothing else matters, and you just want to get it in right there. This song conveys that emotion perfectly. On Lighthouse sings of being her man’s sounding board,shoulder to cry on, or listening ear. The song has slow mellow groove that makes you want to open up, another favorite on the album.

Now I will admit when I first heard Fools Gold I wasn’t really that moved by it, partly because I wasn’t listening to the lyrics, which is a clear infraction. The lyrical content of this song is so relevant, we have all been there. We all  have put it all on the line for that one person only to find out it was all a lie, hence chasing fools gold. Willing-Interlude is one of those interludes that should have been song, I never understand why this happens, but I guess i’ll be happy with the interlude. Closure is an up-tempo on which Jill sings about getting closure from a previous relationship with one last romp in the bedroom, let’s face we all need this! That one last round, and then you can send that ass packing, regretting the fact that they screwed you over.

Pause-Interlude is yet another interlude that should have been a song, but again I will be happy with the interlude, but I would like to hear a full version of this. Cruisin has a slow groove that I love and Jill’s vocals make you feel fancy and free on this song. Jahraymecofasola is my favorite song off the album. “‘Jah’ is God. ‘Ray’ is ‘king’ in Spanish and a ray of light. ‘Me’ is ‘to me.’ ‘Co’ means ‘with.’ ‘Fa’ is the fourth note on the diatonic scale. I tend to sing right in there. ‘So’ means ‘to such an extent.’ ‘La’ means to exalt,” she explained. “So, basically, it means God is king to me with the fourth note of the diatonic scale to such an extent that I exalt… I love when the spirit is moved. Whether I understand it or not. I said ‘I’mma leave it right there because that was not me.” Jill gave this break down in an interview on BET.com. The explanation and the musicality of this song gives me good bumps.

The title Woman is a testament the growth of Jill Scott from her first album to this album. On this album you can tell that Jill has experienced some things in life, both good and bad. These experiences translate to great lyrical content and stories,this gives the album a fullness. That is not to say that her previous albums didn’t have this, but I can see and feel her growth as an artist. This album is most definitely worth a listen, but listen with your heart and mind, because if you don’t you will surely miss the gems that Jill is dropping.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atJqkjJCALY?rel=0&w=560&h=315]

Final Rating: 4/5

Whut say you?

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