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Say Whut Nah!?! North Carolina Man Pardoned Following 24-Year Prison Stint for Murder He Never Committed


The criminal justice system sucks and needs a complete overhaul. There are so many wrongly convicted people sitting in prison for crimes they did not commit. It’s always good when these people are exonerated, but reform is necessary.

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A North Carolina man who served 24 years in prison for a crime he never committed has officially been pardoned.

On Friday, Gov. Roy Cooper pardoned Montoyae Dontae Sharpe, a man who was given a life sentence for the first-degree murder of another man whom he was accused of killing during a reported drug deal years ago, according to NPR

“I have carefully reviewed Montoyae Dontae Sharpe’s case and am granting him a Pardon of Innocence,” Gov. Cooper said in a statement. “Mr. Sharpe and others who have been wrongly convicted deserve to have that injustice fully and publicly acknowledged.”

Gov. Cooper’s pardon will now allow Sharpe to seek compensation for his wrongful conviction. He can seek up to $750,000, The Washington Post reported.

$750,000 dollars isn’t enough money to compensate for 24 years of lost life! No amount is really enough. I am happy he was released but the fact that no one “carefully” reviewed the facts of the case from the beginning is troubling and all too common.

Whut, say you?

Photo credit: Deborah Griffin/The Daily Reflector VIA AP

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