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Solange Allegedly Unleashed Her Wrath On Fashion Designer Rachel Roy At Met Gala!



Well it’s seems that Jay-Z wasn’t the only one on the receiving end of Solange’s wrath during Met Gala festivities. Allegedly Sol-Angel went ape shit on fashion designer Rachel Roy. Roy is the former wife of Damon Dash according to US Weekly.

Allegedly Solange verbally attacked Roy during an after party in the Boom Boom Room at the Standard Hotel. This is said to have happened before Solange went Gucci on Jay-Z in the elevator. Witnesses said the Knowles Sisters appeared to be having a good time all evening, and even danced with Naomi Campbell, while Jay-Z chilled elsewhere. It was noted that the group did leave abruptly.

Roy has yet to make a statement, and of course the Carters are paying news outlets and blogs no mind and operating as if nothing happened, as they were spotted court-side
at a basketball game last night all smiles.

Seems like Sol-Angel was not in the mood for no BS that night, let’s hope this is a nasty rumor. Honestly the general public will never really know what happened in that elevator between Jay and Solange. We really weren’t supposed to see that footage at all! If Matthew Knowles was at the helm we would have been none the wiser. He would have Olivia Pope’d that footage and dared anyone to speak about it! If Rachel Roy knows like we know she best to keep quiet because The Beygency is real LOL!

Whut say you?



  1. Oh wow, she must have been high!! Maybe Jay said something to her about that, this is why she nutted up on him, but if that was the case Bey should of intervened! Whelp I doubt if any of the truth really comes out!

  2. I just thought of something maybe just maybe Jay and Rachel Roy messing around and she went in for her sister because of it, Jackpot! !!

    • Ma’am your reaching could be be that Solange is just a loose cannon or maybe had one too many Ciroc and tonics LOL why Jay gotta be sleeping with someone? You must be part of that wretched Rihanna Navy go on wit nah all your conspiracy theories LOL


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