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[LISTEN] Remember Part 2-Keyshia Cole

  Now y'all know I don't really see it for Part 2 of classic songs or albums, I think sometimes we need to leave well...

BET Awards 2014 Review

The BET Awards 2014  has come and gone once again. With that being said what would it be without a review from Wait...Wait...Whut!?! Welp!...

Tune In Tuesday: Unconditional-Joshua Rogers

EBT(BET) Sunday Best Winner is back with a new album titled, Unconditional, and if it is anything like the first one. This one should...

BET Hip Hop Awards 2013 Nominees Annouced

    Welp! It seems Kendrick Lamar does have "Control" of Hip Hop. Kendrick leads the pack with 13 EBT(BET) Hip Hop Award Nominations. The EBT(BET)...