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Queen Bey’s Drunk In Love(Cover) by Fourtunate

So...I'm at work and a Facebook notification shows up on my phone, and it's a video that one of my co-workers has shared with...

New Video: Drunk In Love(Remix)(Teaser)-Beyonce Featuring Jay-Z and Kanye West

Well Kanye West dropped the audio for his remix to Bey's hit song, Drunk In Love, and now Queen Bey has dropped the teaser...

New Music: Drunk In Love(Kanye West Remix)-Kanye West Remix

  Kanye West is the latest person to remix Bey's hit song Drunk In Love. Yeezy gets a little raunchy on the song, and Surfboarding...

Wait…Wait…Whut!?!: Song of the Week: Drunk In Love- Beyoncé Featuring Jay-Z

THE QUEEN BEY IS BACK BITCHES! Last Thursday night and early Friday carried me a little too fast, first Scandal's winter finale and THEN! The...