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5 GIFs You Need To Have In Your #CLAPBACK Arsenal

Kinfolks! Group chat is the way of the world. It's the way we communicate with friends and family. Inevitably someone in the chat is...

Evelyn Lozada Pregnant, But Fearful Of Miscarriage 

   Congratulations are in order? Jesus be some tissue and a miracle! One of my favorite Basketball Wives(Baseball wife, if we're being specific) Evelyn Lozada, is...

Evelyn Lozada Returns To Reality TV On Oprah’s Own Network

"B*tch you ain't in the circle!" *Evelyn Lozada voice(pre-Iyanla Fix My Life)* One of my favorite Basketball Wives, Evelyn Lozada,is returning to reality TV! She...

Basketball Wives Season 5 Premiere Recap

They're Back!!!The ladies of Basketball Wives returned tonight for season 5 of the ever popular VH1 reality series that follows the lives of basketball...