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[VIDEO] ***Flawless Remix-Beyonce Featuring Nicki Minaj

  Beyhive & Barbs rejoice! Watch Queen Bey and Onika AKA Minaj command the stage during the On The Run Tour show in Paris! Soon after...

[WATCH] Beyoncé Performs ***Flawless With Nicki Minaj In Paris

I normally don't watch footage from Beyoncé's concert because I like to be surprised when I watch, but I couldn't resist watching and...

New Music:***Flawless(Remix)-Beyoncé Featuring Lil Kim

Hot damn hoe here we go again! Kimberly Jones AKA Lil Kim feels some kinda way about Nicki Minaj calling herself The Queen of...

New Music: ***Flawless(Remix)-Beyoncé Featuring Nicki Minaj

BeyHive and Barbz Rejoice! The rumored Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj ***Flawless remix is finally here and the Queen Bey is talking her shit! Onika didn't...