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5 Observations From The MTV Video Music Awards 

Kinfolk I know I'm a day late and a dollar short, but you'll deal! MTV's Video Music Awards show has come and gone so...

[WATCH] Top 5 MTV Video Music Awards Performances

Since the MTV Video Music Awards are coming on this evening I figured I'd count down my Top 5 VMA performances from years past....

Usher To Open The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards

  According to the LA Times, Usher is slated to open the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards which will air live August 24, from the...

Justin Timberlake & ‘NSync To Reunite On VMA’s

    The VMA's are always full of surprises, and reportedly Justin Timberlake is scheduled to reunite with the group('NSync) that catapulted him into the superstar...