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Foxy Brown Appreciation Day: 10% Dis(Queen Latifah/Queen Pen Dis)

Kinfolk! Today is Foxy Brown Appreciation Day! Y'all already know Foxy Brown is and will always be my favorite female MC. I bet y'all...

Will You Be Watching VH1’s Hip Hop Honors?

Kinfolk The VH1 Hip Hop Honors airs tonight  at 9 p.m. EST, will you all be watching? I know I will be front and...

[REVIEW]The Wiz Live

The Wiz live premiered on NBC last night to rave reviews, and I am here to give you my two cents. When I first...

Faith Evans Performs ‘Fragile’ On The Queen Latifah Show

  Ok...so wait I thought Queen Latifah's show was canceled? Did it get picked back up and no one told me? Anyway, welcome back for...