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Tamia Announces ‘Love Life’ Tour Dates

    Welp! My concert budget is clearly shot for the summer. Tamia has gone and announced tour dates for her recently released Love Life album,...

[REVIEW]Love Life-Tamia 

   I've said it once and I'll say it again, Tamia is one the most underrated singers!  She put a move on my heart ever...

Tune In Tuesday: Love Life-Tamia

  Just when I said I was uninspired by music Tamia came to save the day with the release of her new album titled Love...

[LISTEN]Song of The Week: Stuck With Me-Tamia

   GOTDAMMIT Tamia!!!! You didn't have to do me like this! 🙌🏾 The Song of the Week is Stuck With Me by Tamia. The song comes...