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#TBT: 20 Movie Soundtrack Songs For The Culture

Kinfolk it's Throwback Thursday! #TBT  I thought it would be fun to compile a list of songs from movie soundtracks that we know and...

[WATCH]Throwback Thursday: Rain-SWV

Kinfolk! I was listening Bryson Tiller's new album "True To Self" and he opened the album with a sample of 'Rain' from one of...

[LISTEN]Throwback Thursday: 5-Step- Dru Hill

So...as I am going through my Spotify trying to find my selection for the Throwback Thursday and 5 Steps by Dru Hill decided to...

[LISTEN] Throwback Tuesday: Gotta Man-Eve

   Kinfolk in honor of Eve's Burfday, the Throwback Tuesday song is Gotta Man. The song is pulled from Eve's debut album, Let There Be...