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New Music: Love Be Back-Kima(of Total)

  Kinfolk! Y'all know that I love new music, but I must I admit that I was skeptical when I heard Kima from, from the...

Throwback Tuesday: Sitting Home-Total[VIDEO]

Kinfolk! The Throwback Tuesday song is Sitting Home by Total. The song comes from their second album 'Kima, Kiesha& Pam' released in 1998. This...

Wait..Wait…Whut!?!:Throwback Song of the Week: Kissin You/Oh Honey(Remix)

The Throwback Song of the Week is Kissin You/Oh Honey(Remix) by Total Featuring Puff Daddy. This song was released during a time when making...

R&B Divas New York Allegedly On The Way

With the success of R&B Divas Atlanta and LA, a new installment based in New York is allegedly in the works. There are whispers that...