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Tamar Braxton Reveals ‘Love and War’ Cover Art and Tracklist



Tamartians Rejoice!

She, Me, Her AKA Tamar Braxton has finally released the cover for her new album ‘Love and War’ due out September 3. Tamar did not play with this album cover. I have to admit when I first saw the red overlay, I said, “What the hell!” But when I saw the overlay lifted I was pleasantly surprised.

Check it out below:


See what I mean Tamar is giving you face, body, and of course “Diva Fan”
The Tamar machine is in full effect, with no signs of stopping!

Check out the tracklist below:

1.“The One”
2.“Tip Toe”
3.“Stay and Fight”
4.“Love and War”
5.“All the Way Home”
6.“One on One Fun”
7.“She Did That (Interlude)”
8.“Hot Sugar”
10.“Where It Hurts”
11.“Prettiest Girl”
12.“Sound of Love”
13.“White Candle”
14.“Thank You Lord”

Pre-order on iTunes

Will you be picking up Tamar’s album on September 3?

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  1. RuPaul looks FIERCE! I swear he needs to bottle whatever it is he’s drinking and sell it. But waitwaitwhut…. why do you have pics of RuPaul on a Tamar Braxton post?


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