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TGT Breaking Up?




First the Fat Boys break up and now TGT(Tyrese, Ginuwine, and Tank)! 

Well that’s the word on the street. There have been whispers of inner group turmoil for months ever since Tyrese and Tank showed up at the Soul Train Awards without Ginuwine. This was very odd because it’s not like any of the members of the group have packed  schedules, with the exception of  maybe Tyrese. Tyrese stated that Ginuwine was having “light-skin” issues, when asked about G’s whereabouts. Of course Ginuwine felt some kinda way and took to Twitter to air out his grievances(as most celebrities or so called celebrities do nowadays) only to delete it later(If you tweet it stand up in your shit!).

Rumor of break-up were further fueled when Ginuwine and Tank started their tour without Tyrese in December. The sh*t really hit the fan when TGT canceled a performance on the Arsenio Hall show, after having requested an all female audience. Arsenio was left ass out with no musical guest, and reportedly was pissed off that the guys didn’t show up.  Add to that Tank is currently opening for Jamie Foxx.

This sounds like a case of the male ego rearing it’s ugly head. If the break-up rumors are true then it’s a damn shame that these three talented black men can’t put aside their differences and work together to promote their album. Let’s hope they can work out whatever issues be they “light-skin” or “dark-skin” issue. 

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