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The Beygency/BeyHive Is Not To Be F*cked With 106 & Park Suspended For A Week?



When will these people learn to keep The Carter’s names out of their mouths?

So Chris Brown’s on and off again girlfriend Kim Chi Karrueche was on 106 and Porch Park and felt the need to make a joke about Blue Ivy’s hair! Mistake! Apparently no one informed her that the Beygency/BeyHive is not to be f*cked with, exhibit A: Keri Hilson’s career.

Allegedly BET came up with the script and Kim Chi went along with it. Now any person with good damn sense would have said, “No, I am not going to say that about a child,” but not Kim Chi. I guess we can’t expect much from her. She has since apologized for her tasteless joke. Also BET’s Stephen Hill has come to her rescue and stated that she was set up. So much for her hosting career lol. Look for her to be on KeKe Palmer’s couch crying again. Allegedly 106 and Park is suspended for the rest of the week. Don’t know how true that is.

The Carters don’t do anything to anybody except BE GREAT! & Do what your faves could never. Please stand down especially in reference to Blue Ivy, The Beygency/BeyHive is real, never forget Keri Hilson

BET can hang it up for Beyoncé performing at the BET Awards she Skyed in the last two years. The most they can hope for is a Vine if that LOL!

Whut say you?

Slander of the Carters will not be tolerated, take it elsewhere

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