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Thoughts On Chaka Khan Verzuz Stephanie Mills


When it was announced that Chaka Khan would be taking stage with Stephanie Mills for a Verzuz Battle I was ecstatic! Witnessing two legends hitting the stage for a celebration of their greatest hits, what an awesome treat! Or so I thought.

Since the budget has gone up for the production and it has transitioned from Instagram Live to concert venues, the start times have gotten more and more delayed. While I love an up and coming DJ I could have done without the DJ Battle on a work night. Let’s get to the sh*ts!

Chaka Khan and Stephanie Mills hit the stage around 10 p.m. EST. It was clear as soon as they stepped onto the stage that something was not right with Auntie Chaka. I want to be respectful, so I’ll say she was high off something because I don’t know her life. But she was not at her best.

Stephanie Mills deserves an MVP award because she held it down, and did not leave Chaka out to dry. She basically carried the show. Had it not been for Auntie Stephanie, the show would have crashed and burned.

I will definitely be purchasing tickets to see her live when she comes to town. A good portion of the show was cringe worthy. I’m not sure why Chaka’s team would allow her to come on stage in that condition. It was honestly sad to see her like that.

It would be one thing if this was regular concert, but this was steamed all over the world. Everyone has a bad night, but this wasn’t the night for that. I pray that Chaka gets the help that she needs.

Whut, say you?

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