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Trackisting: J Hud-Jennifer Hudson



Jennifer Hudson’s has given us the tracklisting for her third album, J Hud. The album features the Pharrell produced I Can’t Describe featuring T.I. which I enjoyed and also the Timbaland produced Walk It Out, which is also my shit. Both songs are solid singles.

Her other song Dangerous is starting to grow on me as well. I am a little worried about this albums on the last two album Jennifer kind of seemed like she was struggling to find her sound and if, It’s Your World, which she performed on the BET Awards is any indication of where the album is going then I am NOT HERE for it. The Donna Summers for 2014 didn’t move me AT ALL! Let’s hope this album is cohesive. I hope and pray Jennifer has found her sound with this third offering.

JHUD Tracklisting

1. “Dangerous”
2. “It’s Your World” (feat. R. Kelly)
3. “He Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere” (feat. Iggy Azalea)
4. “Walk It Out” (feat. Timbaland)
5. “I Can’t Describe (The Way I Feel)” (feat. T.I.)
6. “I Still Love You”
7. “Just That Type of Girl”
8. “Bring Back the Music”
9. “Say It”
10. “Moan”

The album is scheduled for release on September 23

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