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Wait…wait…Read!?!: Child of God



Periodically I will feature books that I have read that I think others will find interesting.

The first selection is: Child of God by Lolita Files


Everybody knows everybody else’s business in Downtown, Tennessee. Neighbors while away afternoons at the local bar, swapping rumors about voodoo, incest, and illegitimate children. Usually they’re gossiping about the Botens.

In this epic saga, Lolita Files unveils the hidden lives of three generations of the Boten clan, a family as cursed by fate as they are blessed with hope. There’s Grandma Amalie, who’s willing to sacrifice everything for her son; there’s Grace, who manages to conceal the identity of her child’s father for more than twenty years; there’s Aunt Sukie, whose strange power over her husband, Walter, is matched only by the strength of her dark magic; and, finally, there’s Lay, whose secret betrayals will set the Boten clan in motion, sending its members on a quest for self-discovery that will lead them from one end of the world to the other.

When I tell you, I could not put this book down! This book had me up all night reading. This book is most definitely a good read! I highly recommend it. It was recommended to me by the kind author of: beautifullymisunderstood

If you have read this post your thoughts and if your planning to read it post your thoughts when you finish it.




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