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Wait…Wait…Whut!?!: Song of the Week-Sleigh Ride-Tamar Braxton



The Wait…Wait…Whut!?!: Song of the Week for this week comes from She!Me!Her! AKA SlayMar AKA Tamar Braxton. Mrs. Herbert hits us with a bumping rendition of the holiday classic, Sleigh Ride, as soon as I heard this song it put me in the mood to trim the tree, sip some egg nog, and hang the stockings!

Check It Out Below:



Doesn’t it put you in the holiday Spirit? Be on the look out for my top 10 Christmas songs post coming very soon!


  1. Um…..okay…..welllll…..hmmmm! Its cute it would Definitely get me in the shopping mood……I can see myself two no maybe one stepping in the middle of a department store to this…….now bringing home and adding it to my collection not so much. I haven’t even bought get CD for fear that it won’t make happy….I don’t think its for the 30 and up generation…no shade but ….so with that being said I look forward to hearing this on black Friday…oh wait I don’t go out on black Friday….ha

    • Well clearly it’s for me, and I’m in the 30 and up generation! LOL! It’s definitely not Donny Hathaway’s, This Christmas or The Temptations, Silent Night, but it does the job for me! You should try Spotify on your computer you can listen to just about anything on your computer to sample albums to see if you like them.

  2. I’m 30 and up; and that song gets much play. I also get to do a good little rock-with-it dance when it comes on. Oh, it definitely gives life. Several other gems on the album too


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