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Wait…Wait…Whut!?!:Artist To Watch: Sabrina Claudio


So….Kinfolk here I was minding my damn business and browsing the new music section on Apple Music as I normally do, and I stumbled upon a gem in the form of  a song by Sabrina Claudio titled “Confidently Lost”. The song instantly grabbed me, specifically the lyrics

I’m alone but I’m not lonely

Comfortably indulging

And trying to get to know me

I’m just an outline of what I used to be

Constantly evolving

Steadily revolving

That’s some real sh*t right there! Sabrina’s voice is haunting and pretty at the same time. This song has been on repeat all day! I can’t stop listening to it! I sent it to all my music loving friends.

Apple Music only had that one song by her, so I had to scurry on over to Google and see if I could find more music by her. Y’all know Google never fails me! I found her SoundCloud page!

You’re welcome in advance!

Claudio rose to fame with the help of her YouTube channel and SoundCloud page. She posted her first cover of Beyoncé’s Halo in February 2012. Not sure how I missed her, but I have found her, and she is on my list of artists to watch. She hails from Miami, FL. Her voice precedes her 20 years of age. If she is giving this much feeling and emotion at this age, just wait until she really goes through something in life, if she hasn’t already!

Sabrina Claudio is destined for success if she continues with this caliber of music!


Whut say you!?!



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