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[WATCH] Jaguar Wright Responds To K. Michelle’s Attack 



So…apparently K. Michelle has beef with someone else, are we not surprised!?! Jaguar Wright was the newest victim/receipient of K’s forked tongue/keystroke. Now I know you’re asking who is Jaguar Wright? Well take a listen to the song below:

[spotify  http://open.spotify.com/track/4TdiyTFGrkww1HmQKKXyTE]

She’s singing the hook. Now that I’ve refreshed your memory, let me give you a little insight into how this beef started. So…apparently K. Michelle covered a song by Leala James at Yandy’s (LHHNY) wedding. Listen below:

[spotify http://open.spotify.com/track/35QjnkINa9k9Gy5XDzgSxO]

Jaguar took issue with this and posted this on Instagram:

To which K. Michelle responded this:

Now we know K is not one to hold her tongue and of course her #Rebels attacked Jaguar’s comments section and yaddah, yaddah, yaddah. Welp! Jaguar Wright is responding via a radio interview listen/watch HERE

I agree with Jaguar on the free publicity that K provided, probably the most Jag has seen since Jay-Z Unplugged. Sometimes it’s just better to be quiet, but of course K can’t do that! That’s too much like right. Now the Mary J. Bilge shade I could have done without, but I won’t get off into that! 

Whut say you?

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  1. Iono! I have been rocking wit Ms. Wright from day one and she should of checked wit LeLe before she went in on K. Reason being LeLe thanked K on her IG page so she may have already known about it. Kinda made Ms. Wright look foolish.

    • Yeah she probably should have checked, but K Michelle enjoys drama, the best thing in this instance would have been to remain quiet and not give free publicity. But Jaguar enjoys drama as well, you peeped the MJB shade she threw, from way back when. MJB was unbothered then and unbothered now lol

      • What caught me was the fact that she came for K and her hair is not done on nan notta pic on IG. I almost didn’t recognize her with the weight gain and I would of thought she would of gotten her grill fixed. Now I’m not talking about her, but make sure yo shut tight before you come for folks and where’s the music Jag?? That’s what the fans waiting on not drama.


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