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[WATCH] New Video:Magic-Tweet


Kinfolk, The Southern Humming Bird Tweet, is back with with new music and new video. The song is titled Magic and it is from her upcoming album Charlene due Febraury 26. The video is very simple and sometimes less is more. 

The song is vintage Tweet and reminiscent of the sound of her classic debut album, Southern Humming Bird. Her #TweetHearts(her nickname for super fans) me included are pleased with this offering. This is making me want to hear this new album even more. Let’s hope Charlene delivers!

Check out the video below:

Whut say you?


  1. I’m going in here…. Putting on a silk shirt… Grabbing Bae’s leather chair, throwing on a pair of Loubi’s …. Beating my face to the Gods…..

    Cause that is what you can do when you can flatfoot sang! Ma-jik!


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