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I[WATCH]Faith Evans Sings In Four Part Harmony By Herself! 


Faithfuls Rejoice!

Now y’all know I love me some Faith Evans, been rocking with her since her first album dropped! I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon this gem on her Instagram page(@therealfaithevans). 

Faith decided to covered the Clark Sister’s For The Love of the People, and get sang all four parts flawlessly. Faith had this this stay in the caption:

“Here’s clip of me paying homage to my first vocal teachers, @karenclarksheard @dorindaclarkcoke @jackyfide @twinkieclark”

Check the clips below:

Did she sing you into a frenzy? Check out the full video HERE

Also check out one of my favorite songs from her most current album below:

[spotify http://open.spotify.com/track/1niaUYzr56OOmpXbV1NRk6]

Whut say you?



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